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Based on real life experiences, The Steps of a Real Woman offers sources of inspiration and comfort on topics such as: behavioral issues, teen pregnancy, extra- martial affairs, and a host of other problems and issues facing women of all ages, creeds, and races worldwide. It is a guide not only for you, the reader, but also for your family, friends, and any other women in your life. It is a handbook to learning to love and accept yourself as you are, and becoming a source of inspiration to all around you.

Steps of a Real Woman “From Harm to Hurt to Hustle” is a source of learning as to how to truly embrace God as your Lord and Savior. This book will be the road sign on your way to being the bold, best version of yourself that God wants for you. It will show you, through trials and tribulations the author went through, the right and wrong pathways they went down , the missteps and mistakes they made on their own personal track to becoming their true, best , boldest self.

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