How Do I Join Black Women In Business?

/How Do I Join Black Women In Business?

How Do I Join Black Women In Business?

You can join Black Women In Business here on the website.

  1. Hover on [Membership] within the main menu and click [Join Now] from the submenu
  2. Click on the appropriate chapter that you want to join
  3. Select registration type and click [Register] *
  4. Once on the registration page, complete all required fields correctly – check your email address validation to make sure that you entered your email correctly both times. Select your payment method, confirm that you are not a robot and answer any anti-spam questions that may be presented to you. Once it shows a green check mark that you have passed the robot test, click  [Submit Registration]
  5. If you selected the credit card payment, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details. If you selected PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal to make your payment.**  Make your payment successfully
  6. Once payment confirmation has been received, you will be redirected to the MyBWIB Portal page to login to your account.






* Registration Type: If you have already paid for your membership outside of the website, you will have to register on the website to gain access. You will follow the registration steps and select [Offline Registration]. This registration will require approval by the membership team before you will be able to access the site. You will receive notification when your membership has been approved and activated.

** Payment Method: You will only receive a successful registration when a complete and successful payment has been completed. If you do not complete payment with PayPal and return to Black Women In Business, you will not be registered.


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