Welcome to Coach Rose’s Locker Room!  This platform was created in 2015 for “players” striving to become MVPs.  In the Locker Room we keep it real, educate, encourage and THINK outside of the box.  But, most importantly, it challenges you to “play” harder.

As a former athlete and a current Brand & Motivation Coach, the Locker Room is where her purpose resides.  Coach Rose uses a no holes barred approach with a dose of humor that makes every player want to level up.  One of her most popular quotes states “In order to inspire others, we must have first challenged ourselves.”

The “Locker Room” is a room that contains lockers for the storage of a team’s personal belongings.  What happens in the Locker Room is a personal experience designed to elevate the team’s performance.  It is also the place where teams come together to discuss their game plan to WIN!  No team ever PLANS to lose. 

If you are a woman who needs to grow – in a judge free zone, we invite you to the Locker Room.  What happens here changes will change your game…

Let’s get it!