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Black Women In Business ended the first day of Black History Month with a “Super Bowl Mentalty!” The “Locker Room” was standing room only! Shoutout to Austin Chapter President Yolanda McKelvey and her Executive Team for organizing an amazing meeting. Our Guest Speaker for the night was Keisha Gillis and her topic was Public Speaking. She’s a natural and she nailed it! After lighting a fire in the Locker Room, I challenged my team to have a Super Bowl Mentality all year long. I want them to dig deeper and play harder. I want our team unity to inspire anyone watching us. In 2019, we’re not only coming to play. We’re coming to WIN. And, winning has very little to do with who you play. The “secret” to winning is in how YOU play…🏈
Coach Smith

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February 02, 2019 at 06:54PM

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